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StoneFace Game!
Rules of the Game


Rules of the Game
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How to play StoneFace Game

Two teams from 5 to 10 players sitting on a big round table.

The game starts when one girl/boy (woman/man) from one of the teams goes under the table and begins making felacio to one of the players.

The players do not have the right to look under the table.

They have to find out to whom the player, which is under the table is doing felacio (probably they should be limited by time and the teams will have a right only for two or three guesses).

If they discover the player to whom the at the moment the player under the table is doing felacio, then this player must go under the table and repeat the procedure.

The right guess on a first try is awarded with 1 point. On a secound - with 0.5 points, third - 0.2 points.

The game continuess until one of the teams reaches the score of 10 points.

These are proposed from the inventors of StoneFace rules of the game. We will be glad to receive any suggestions from interested persons in order to develop a fair rules and fair game.

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